Friday, May 23, 2014

Oh Oh!

Do you ever make some thing , stop and look and think oh oh! I did with this card! It was a bit plainer initially, less is more for men etc. My first glance at it gave the thought " good grief that looks like a tombstone!!" Hardly appropriate for my brother in laws birthday card! so a pile of embellishments were dragged out and it ended up like this. Still quite simple but not a gravestone in sight.
                              Although sadly I have made a real gravestone this week :-(
For Andrew's little Guinea pig Geoff, who we  said good bye to. He was lovely placid little guy, as you can see from a photo of him last summer. Lying on his back munching grass on my lap.
He is sorely missed by Andrew in particular, so  we may visit a local breeder to see if a new friend will heal his sadness. Not a replacement, because you never can, but a new friend to love.
Thanks for dropping by xx

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