Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Covert operations

Hi there! I have vowed to make today a crafty day( well morning really- dishes must be done!)I have been doing lots of scrapping- but I'm entering some of them in competitions so can't show them.It's probably a bit sad of me to enter stuff but it's not so much thinking i have a chance of winning that makes me try, more the element of here's something to do it for. I like somthing saying to me "scrap!". The plus side is I do more than I need to so it does get me in the mood to keep doing it. I know I should be just doing it for me really but that's the way I am. in the meantime i did something for a friend. A sympathy card unfortunately. Not someone close to her but always sad. i used my paper clay leaves- which makes me think i'll do some more soon as they do look rather sweet! Thanks for dropping by- catch you soon! xx

Thursday, September 15, 2011

it wasn't pretty

...by any stretch of the imagination!I am of course talking about our garage- a yukky old asbestos thing that had a tree fall and damage the roof. I was gutted about the tree- a beautiful lilac- but at least we were able to replace the garage with a lovely shiny new one!As pictured! It arrived on the very last day of Dave's hols as he went back for inset days- but already he has started preparing the floor and partition wall. He has also brought home a massive filing cabinet and shelves. the filing cabinet is an ugly beast but holds masses- so that will be one of my challenges, make it purty! watch this space!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Did I ever show you this one?

I am beavering away making new pages but haven't got round to uploading new stuff- but this is a really old one that somehow doesn't look to dated- so that's my contribution to the blogging world.The title was made from scoubidous and acrylic paint to make a spaghetti effect! On the plus side- the garage has been built! so my crafting space is one step closer!! Watch this space! TFL x