Thursday, April 12, 2012


Bless! I caught Grey!(That's what I've been calling him/her)The RSPCA lady is on her way to collect him and hopefully he'll have a better chance in life now. He' not very happy with me but is very calm and hopefully will be sorted out soon as his neck looks very sore and his nose is bit scratched too. I haven't seen him in over a week so didn't think it would happen but there you go- result! I hope I can find out what happens to him. Any hoo- catch you later!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

This is a cute little number I created for my IACW post on Friday. I love the bunting and have a feeling it will be well used! No joy on the cat catching- will need some smellier bait!Been spending some time on the craft room/garage.Doing electrics and walls next week! Yay! TFL xx

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Two nil on the RSPCA trap! I caught a very perturbed ginger cat and a hedgehog but no grey scrap!On the scrap front I've done a layout- of my mum! In March I did a "get things done "article on IACW where I vowed to do an album about my mum.So here's my first page!
TFL xx

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Being pro active

Well I've had a busy morning and not a piece of paper in sight(boo!!) But I've beendoing good things.The picture of the cat is not one I've met but one that bears a strong resembelance to the one that's been living rough outside my garden. Sadly my one is not in good condition and I've been trying to catch him/her for several days with our cat carrier.I put posters up in the area to see if I could find the owners.( Had a nice suprise suprise moment built in my head that someone might phone, overjoyed that I'd found him) Sadly I discovered his owners,whose home also backs onto where he is sleeping, moved house and decided not to pack him! Niceeeee!! So I hve now got a RSPCA trap that I've been shown how to set.I'm armed with cat food and a wterproof cover and I'm determined to help the poor little guy. People can be really cr*p can't they!!He's beautiful but in really bad condition( injuries and matted :-( ) and I wish I could home him but given my two little tinkers would not appreciate company that won't be an option, but I'm hoping we catch him and help him out.

Now thats done I'm going to have to take the kids out for a vital club penguin membership(!!) and Easter activites to make. May get a bit of mummy craft in too!! Have you made your lollies yet?? Catch you soon! x

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

How confusing!

I saaid I'd do my draw Easter Monday and I meant this Monday! Sorry! So it's done! I was very technical and cut up all your names and closed my eyes! The winner of the stash is.........

ANGELFISH....woohooo! Will be in touch for your address soon. Thanks for visiting to everyone! I hope you come back and listen to my ramblings very soon xxx