My Craft Room Journey

Every cloud has a silver lining. We had a lovely lilac tree which was blown down in severe winds. Our asbestos garage kindly broke its fall! This meant the garage had to go as the roof was damaged and unrepearable
which then led to this lovely being finally built in Sep 2011. I know the progress will will be slow but stay with me!

Sept 2011
Dec 11
Not the most exciting of photo's but this is my new insulated floor! And it cost £4!! thank you Mr B&Q!!

Jan 12th 2012

Only a few days later actually, we went back to Mr B&Q and he had a lovely shiny work top for us for £10! bargain! So my room has so far cost £14 instead of £150. Lucky really- or I'd still be surrounded by concrete! The cupboards have been recycled from my mum-in-laws neighbours and kindly delivered by dad and brother-in-law. So I'm getting there!I'm working on a flooring remnant now- watch this space!

August 3rd 2012

Walls are appearing!

Summer Hols 2012
Got my workforce into action! Sanding, painting etc

Chose some lovely wallpaper and the started to fit my worktops and units

And then finally at the Beginning of September, with a tonne of help from Dave ( most of the work bar wallpapering!)

I ended up with this! (stools courtesy of freecycle and cupboard doors  from our local plumbing shops rubbish!) I m a very happy crafter- and couldn't have done it without Dave- thank you xxx