Monday, December 26, 2011

What a cool yule!

Merry Christmas!! Did you have a good one? I did! Despite having a bit of a misery on because I don't get to see much of my family-I had a lovely one. Christmas day with Dave's family was lovely, the kids LOVED their gifts and I got a lot of lovely things including a Kindle!! Wow- was not expecting that at all! So I've downloaded loads of books and think I might try to make a point of doing a free download review each week. What do you think? The layout above is because I'm on rabbit duty while my friend Anne is skiing! This one's Harvey- he's fat dumb and very cuddly! Rory is small grumpy but quite smart. Millie is just plain cute! so I'm feeding and de-pooping them as well as my menagerie! Busy times! Made some lovely tiffin Christmas puds. The recipe is on IACW- pop over and give them a try- super yummy. I will make the most of these gluttonous times as come new year the weight watching will be back on! Catch you soon! xx

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I can toot now!

Several weeks back I got an email from The Scrapbook Magazine's editor telling me I was a runner up for scrapbooker of the year!! I couldn't post about it until now- so when I mentioned working on pages I was using for competition- these were the ones! Hope you like. The pretty gen is on acetate and features crackle glaze and paper clay leaves, there's lots of stitching for the title on EM and I raided Andrews jars of sea glass for the sea glass one! So yay! Runner up!!