Monday, December 26, 2011

What a cool yule!

Merry Christmas!! Did you have a good one? I did! Despite having a bit of a misery on because I don't get to see much of my family-I had a lovely one. Christmas day with Dave's family was lovely, the kids LOVED their gifts and I got a lot of lovely things including a Kindle!! Wow- was not expecting that at all! So I've downloaded loads of books and think I might try to make a point of doing a free download review each week. What do you think? The layout above is because I'm on rabbit duty while my friend Anne is skiing! This one's Harvey- he's fat dumb and very cuddly! Rory is small grumpy but quite smart. Millie is just plain cute! so I'm feeding and de-pooping them as well as my menagerie! Busy times! Made some lovely tiffin Christmas puds. The recipe is on IACW- pop over and give them a try- super yummy. I will make the most of these gluttonous times as come new year the weight watching will be back on! Catch you soon! xx

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