Friday, March 22, 2013

My Core’dinations Creative Frenzy


Hi there! I've had a busy week trying to get these core'dinations projects together. They are having a design team call and it was an opportunity I cannot miss! Bit of a squeeze on time as I've worked four days and still managed to feed the gang and do some domestic goddess stuff!
First thing I've put together is a birthday card for a 2 year old girl.( Saving it for later this year!)
I've sanded the number two from a stencil and then cut around the edge.I've used two shades
 of core'dinations and an embossed white which has been inked over. Simple but sweet I think!

|Next up is a layout of my lovely little Emma on her 1st birthday. Ive made the roses from two shades of core'dinations. Once the edges are inked and sanded they have a lovely stressed battered look. One of it's biggest plus point's for me. Unfortunately I lost the light so will have to try for a better layout shot tomorrow.

 Finally- my Easter gift box in the form of a Easter Bunny hutch. It's for Andrew and there's a Easter chick-en coop for Emma!
I have also made my first tutorial to watch- eek!! Have a look and feel free to comment. Constructive criticism welcome but be gentle!

Funnily enough, after using my slightly suspect file's for sanding in the tutorial, I found this and had to treat myself. A proper tool!!
So there you are- my submissions. I think my strength is in the scrapbooking and card's equally. I loved doing all these projects because the beauty of this card stock is it is a blank canvas. You can sand and distress and emboss and make it into a unique patterned paper- or you can go bare and just enjoy the colour. It's got no limits with style or colour- it's there to do whatever  you want it to!!
I hope you like what I've done- thanks for looking!!
Laura xxx


cathcrops said...

I can't watch the easter bunny box as it says the video is private :( What can I do to change that ? Thanks

Unknown said...

Hi! I think I've sorted it so it's no public! Thanks for the heads up!
Lau x