Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Funnily enough, my last post was a kiss of death on this blog! One year and three month later I paid a visit and felt I had to post. I have changed things radically in my life on some levels but all the same on others! After almost 23 years working as a home stylist for John Lewis I switched jobs and it couldn't be more different. Instead of 16 hours a week I am now full time as an Art, Food and Design Technology Technician at a local senior school. I love it! I have no time to myself, no time to craft and don't mind a bit. I love doing something different, seeing student grow and develop, it's lovely! I do keep meaning to craft as I now have weekends and school holidays- it's just making the time. We did a lovely, first proper beach holiday to Morrocco, just before I started I got my new job and last did Barcelona- so the extra hours are helping pay for things after years of  uk hols! The kids are both teenagers now!! Not so keen on me scrapping them :-) And my husband is still as lovely as ever- 23rd anniversary this year. If I do fit in the odd crafty thing, I may pop back. But if not, you know what happened to me!