Friday, March 30, 2012

Welcome to the Hop!!

Welcome to the blog hop and thanks for stopping by! I'm have a scary Easter fact for you!(Whispers!) Not everyone likes chocolate Easter treats! Nooooo! How can that be??!! Any way, if you know one of these unusual peeps and want to give them a sweet treat read on and try my lolly bouquet!You will need about 6-9 lollies, coloured tissue,vellum and double sided tape.

Wrap your lolly head in coloured tissue.

Twist and secure with tape.

Fill a little tub or pot with a lump of plasticine. I've used an ice cream carton. Cover the inside with some tissue and then decorate the outside of the container.

Punch out 5 or 6 circles of vellum and attach to the double sided tape to make a flower.

Finally, you need to cut out some leaf shapes. Add some double sided tape to the end and you can add them to the lolly sticks or side of the pot for a bit more body. Pop your flowers in the pot and you're done.

And this is your finished bouquet! Quite sweet isn't it?

So we mentioned giveaway's! Well I'm doing a teeny little personal one.It's pictured below and includes a May Rd mini book,Tando Creative cutouts,8x8 vellum( for you to have a go!), a crafter'sworkshop 6x6 template and some cute wooden flowers that I use for everything!
If you would like to win then please leave a comment and link to the hop on your blog and I'll put you in the draw.If you'd like a 2nd go in the draw then please follow my blog as the people on the right look lonely there!! Just mention in your comment and I'll add you twice.!I'll draw a winner on Easter Monday.UK only I'm afraid.

Now hop on over to Doda's blog and see what she has in store for you! You can find her here!

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Hope you've enjoyed and thanks for dropping by!


Gabrielle said...

I absolutely adore those flowers! And they're tasty which is even better! Thank you for sharing such a brilliant idea!

Sara said...

Great idea love the flowers x

Sara said...

Great idea for Easter x

Helen said...

love your lollipop bouquet - not sure who these people are you speak of who don't like chocoloat, lol! have a great day.

Erika said...

Cute flowers thanks for sharing, love your candy too, hugs Erika.

eClaire said...

Really pretty lolly flowers, may try this for my DD, who is not a big chocolate fan, Sorry I don't have a blog to link to.

eClaire said...

Lovely lolly flowers, may try this for my DD who is not a choclate fan. Sorry I don't have a blogg of my own to link to

Katherine said...

What a super idea...and I know some chocolate lovers that would also love a lolly flower :D

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Cute project. The petals look lovely cut from vellum.

Unknown said...

Great idea the lollipop posie. I love chocolate but still like to get that! :)

BEX said...

Just come across your lovely blog and looking forward to seeing more. The lolly flowers look great, but how do you eat them without destroying the flowers? That would be my problem!

Jo said...

My little miss would LOVE a lolly bouquet! going to have to give it a go!

Oh and your followers are a little less lonely now too :o)

Kerry said...

What a fantastic idea.

Shirley said...

How cute are those flowers will give them a shot, when we've eaten all the chocy!!! :D

Mole said...
That's a fun idea - but too good to eat, of course!

vixen said...

what a lovely bouquet of lolly pop flowers :)

Anonymous said...

So cute!

Doda Smith said...

Those are cute lolly flowers!

Like the blog candy too!

I'm following you now:-)

Ifa said...

Cool lollies!