Thursday, May 3, 2012


It's scary when you leave your blog to it's own devices and come back to find it all looks different behind the scenes! I can't find spell check so sorry!! Been busy with this and that so crafty stuff has taken a back seat. As has pushing Bubbaboobits. If you've tried it yourself I'm sure you'll agree that trying to make money is not compatible with crafting unless you are one of the lucky ones or great at self promotion. I'm no so much! So I'm still going to do the odd card for friends but have bitten the bullet and increased my day job hours.I feel like I'm turning tail and accepting defeat but hey ho-money must be made and at least it's good job, so hopefully it's the right way to go. Maybe I can just focus on having fun with crafting now. This is a card I made for my friend, for her new niece. Very girly and blingy! Hope you like!