Sunday, February 3, 2013

Happy New Me?

I keep popping along here and not posting. I think I've had crafting block as I'm barely scraping cards together for family, although I did manage for my niece Sam and will have to for Emma's 7th on Sunday!
I think the increase in my hours at work has totally stuffed any crafty thoughts but I'm starting to get frustrated and bored now so things must change. I have a beautiful craft room now and am not using it!! Naughty. I do wonder at times why 've kept the blog going- two months since my last post. Anyone still here?? You do surprise me if yes! Thank you! I like the fact I can ramble on here -although I'm in no way in the limelight- I'll keep plodding away and see if I can find myself a bit more company as I do enjoy that side of cyber space and it's bit quiet these days. Please do pop back-I'm going to try hard now! xx 

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