Friday, May 10, 2013


Is this not the face of an angelic little cat?? Hmmm...possibly not. She is adorable. Placid, gentle and very affectionate......but the there's a but!! We are currently trying to work out a blue tit + Grace problem. We have a cat who sadly does what cats do. Hunts. So far it's always been rodents :-( but not too frequently. She has never brought home a bird. I find the rodents awful (makes me sad awful) but I can just about handle that, if it was birds I would be gutted. Which has never happened. But now there is a dilemma. A bird box, which DH just popped on the fence ages ago is now home to this....
(Not the original picture)
So there's the question. She is aware of their presence- how do I keep her away?? We've put up wire. I guess I'll just have to have a broom ready!! I want to scrapbook the babies!!

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