Saturday, June 1, 2013

Shuffle challenge

So have you visited IACW today? My post today is launching a challenge which I hope to keep doing on the blog here. It's the "Do the shuffle challenge" Each week I am going to put my ipods songs on shuffle- first one up will be my inspiration. I'll use either the song title, lyrics or album artwork as my inspiration.

So here's my first! I'm mildly embarrassed that you discover Disney Great Musicals- Age of not believing by Angela Landsbury (!!) is my first song!! Bedknobs and Broomsticks I believe. But it doesn't mean I'm going all Disney on you (Appropriate though as I'm in Disneyland Paris as you read!!)

Anyway here's the proof- and here is my Shuffle inspired layout.....

My son has almost reached that age. If he takes after me he will maintain Santa exists till 16 purely to get the stocking.My motto is "If you don't believe you don't recieve!"

So there's the challenge. Use my song if you like or your own. To give you more scope you can use the title, lyrics, album artwork or artist name. ( I do not anticipate any layout's titled Angela Landsbury- but you never can tell!!)
Anyway I hope you play along , please do comment if you do. I'll continue my weekly challenge  here and post each Saturday Maybe I'll see you around.TFL x

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