Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thank goodness for throwback Thursdays

Otherwise I would be on day 4 of no posts!! It's been a funny old week getting back to reality after our holiday.  A sad one too. Like many people, I was so sad to hear of Robin Williams passing. A funny funny man to grow up with. Mork and Mindy was my childhood favourite. Depression has had a lot of discussion on social media. So many suffer from it without others knowing. I've been there. I was on antidepressants  a few years back and couldn't bear the bleakness of life, despite a wonderful husband and delightful children. But it's not a subject to share- you just battle inwardly and try to keep going. Some days you're good- which is most of them for me now but someday's not so much.
I was back to work today which was a bit of a shock so have not had a chance to get creative-who knows- tomorrow maybe!


Erika said...

Laura lovely LO and great summer photos.
I've been there too.
Looking forwards to school going back so I can get creative.

Happy crafting.
Hugs Erika.

Virginia said...

I think the passing of Robin Williams has affected so many people, people who have and are suffering with depression maybe having people understand a little more. It is an illness that few understand but when under it's cloud it is exceptionally debilitating, hope you manage some crafting soon, loving the layout even if it is a throwback!