Wednesday, June 8, 2011

An experiment

For almost as long as I've had this blog, I've had an etsy shop by the same name! And it's been as successful!-LOL. Actually, I shouldn't knock it- I made a sale! A set of cloud embellishments- it covered the cost of postage and possibly making them, but sadly the total wasn't enough for me to take the money from my paypal balance- it needs to be over £6 and I made £1.69!! So my sale sits in paypal limbo!I So I thought I might put these pre made layouts on etsy and see what happens. You never know- someone may decide they like them!
Thats been one of the thing stopping me crafting so much recently. Being a SAHM meant I only went to work one day a week.Now the kids are at school I have to make some decisions about what to do with my life- something many people go through. If my work were up for it I could increase my hours- downsides being a) They prob aren't and b) I love being able to work during the week but if one of the kids has an inset day or is sick I'm in a horrible position trying to get time off or organise childcare (like most mums) So the obvious answer is doing something I like at home. Like this! What a superb idea! I must be the only crafter to think it!! NOT! So we'll see. Maybe it's a goer or a complete pipedream. But it's fun trying- in fact have you tried yourself? Any hints or tips? catch you later! xxx

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