Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thinking about being sunny

The weather here is teetering on nice but there are dark clouds hovering trying to spoil it, so i thought I'd brighten up my blog with some pretty flowers. On a layout!
poor old Andrew doesn't get a look in these days- but a lot of that is down to pulling grotesque faces when i get a camera out! So it's another one of Emma with one of her best friends. such cute pictures- Emma is Livvy's "girly" friend because she doesn't do girly stuff- yuk! As Emma is the ultimate in girly this is a complete case of opposites attract- Emma is Cinderella/ Rapunzel and Liv is Buzz Light year!Does take all sorts doesn't it!I hope it doesn't spoil the page but I've blocked some of Liv's face for her privacy. Thanks for dropping by! xx

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