Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Time flies

One thing about scrap booking is how aware it makes you of time! How quickly it goes. how little you have! The layouts are of the kids doing their first school run. Emma's was last September and she will be in year 1 next term. No longer the youngest in the school.it went so quickly but she has been having a ball! Andrew's, as ever, is a bit longer- but it's gone just as quickly.next term he actually leaves infant school and goes up to year 3 in the junior school. I hope he will be happy there, he is quite a sensitive little soul! So that's them both moving on and me still pretty much doing what I've been doing for I don't know how long! Time to sort myself out I think!


Carole said...

Fab layouts Laura, love them both. Love the colours and embellishments on Andrew's page and the photos on Emma's. Not sure if I ever told you this, but I grew up in the Bushey area (off Grange Road) and my little sister went to Oxhey Infants, as it was called then - I notice that they have added the Bushey bit to the name of the school now. Sadly my secondary school was the old Bushey Hall school at the other end of the Avenue and is now a housing estate :( A lovely place to live, I have very happy and fond memories.

Hugs, Carole x

Unknown said...

Isn't it spooky how small the world is Carole! I'm not far from Grange Road at all!

Carole said...

It is indeed a small world Laura! I have also made another crafty friend through the internet (and met up with her a few times) who lives in Kings Langley ... now why didn't that happen when I was still living in Watford?! The three of us could've had coffee and crafted together! Now I'm down near Bournemouth and I don't know another crafter near here :(

Carole x